The CannaCard App:
A whole new way to pay

The CannaCard App is designed for today’s mobile lifestyle. Shop at favorite participating retailers and earn loyalty points and rewards every time you pay with CannaCard.

CannaCard features the top brands, dispensaries, events and organization in the industry!

Find Storefronts, Retailers, Brands and More!

Find Retailers

CannaCard lets consumers find dispensaries, retail merchants, restaurants, community events, doctors, brands and much more based on the user’s physical location.

Connect Banking

CannaCard is connected to an ever-growing list of banking institutions, allowing consumers to securely connect their bank accounts to their CannaCard app.

Add Funds

Every CannaCard transaction is handled through our secure payment platform and supported by 24-7 customer service for your business needs.

Shop. Pay. Earn Rewards.

Earn 2x the reward points for every dollar spent. Use CannaCard at your favorite dispensary, neighborhood coffee shop, at the theatre, and even your favorite hardward store. With more than 57,000 national retailers accepting CannaCard across industries, it truly is THE ONE APP TO REWARD THEM ALL!