Real-time Analytics.
Real-time Results.

Only CannaCard provides dispensaries and retailers the ability to reach consumers any time, anywhere!

From real-time analytics and geofencing, to PUSH notifications and in-app advertising, CannaCard allows businesses to maximize its reach to existing customers and new consumers.

Data-driven consumer engagement when it matters

Drive traffic to your store when customers are near

CannaCard provides dispensaries and retailers with the ability to send PUSH notifications and in-app advertising to reach consumers when it matters most.

Target areas for engagement to reach more users

CannaCard provides geo-fencing, allowing you to reach consumers before, during, and after sporting events, concerts, festivals and more.

The choice of when and where is yours

Reach customers by market, region, time-of-day, or by balance amounts. Cannacard experts work with you to define your campaigns and audience.

Ready-to-spend funds

Consumers using the CannaCard app have pre-loaded funds on their accounts, waiting for the right offers and opportunities to spend their funds.

Meet the CannaCard Merchant Dashboard

Track consumer purchases, employee sales, business account balances and more - all through the CannaCard Merchant Dashboard.